A common secretariat was created in Geneva, Switzerland to improve the cooperation and coordination among the first Conventions: the Basel Convention, the Rotterdam Convention and the Stockholm Convention.

This so-called "Synergies Process" aims to strengthen the implementation of the three previously mentioned Conventions at national, regional and global levels. This process will be accomplished by providing coherent policy guidance, enhancing provision efficiency in order to further aid support to the Parties of the Conventions, reducing their administrative burden and maximizing their effective and efficient use of resources at all levels, while maintaining the legal independence for each one of the three multi-lateral environmental agreements. This unique approach is a successful example to other parts of the global environmental agenda and demonstrates how to enhance international environmental governance through coordination and cooperation.

In addition to initiating reforms to the secretariats of the Conventions on an administrative and operational level, this process is changing the ways in which the implementation of the Conventions are carried out at national and regional levels. The Parties of the Conventions and the entities supporting the countries within the implementation of the Conventions, such as regional centres, intergovernmental organizations and non-governmental organizations, will also undertake the efforts needed to increase coherence within the implementation of the Conventions.

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